Dani Toma Luxury Stylist, Shares His Vision for Trends This Summer

Dani Toma Luxury Stylist, Shares His Vision for Trends This Summer

By Jules Lavalee

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Dani Toma is a third generation barber whose passion for hairstyling started at a young age and has continued into his adulthood. He was born into a barbering family, and his family owned both a women’s salon and a men’s salon in Baghdad, Iraq. Seeing this barbering work from childhood piqued his curiosity, and he went on to become more interested in the career as he got older—seemingly the family passion passed on to him as he grew up. Today, Dani Toma is an award-winning stylist with a portfolio of high-profile clients including celebrities, real estate agents, and CEO’s. His impressive Instagram with 41.2 K Followers shows the latest trends. He has also won awards for his cosmetology work and his signature hairstyles. Dani provides more than just haircuts and has been providing beard shaping and trimming and hair tattoos as well as the traditional barbering services. Dedicated to meeting his customers’ needs, he also provides after-hour services for those haircuts that just cannot wait or work themselves around a busy schedule. https://danitoma.com

FMM: Take us back to when you had an interest in styling.

I was born into a barbering family. My father owned both a men’s salon and a women’s salon back in Bagdad, Iraq. So, it’s safe to say that barbering is in my blood and so is styling. I remember always wanting to try something new, having all these interesting styling ideas even as a kid. I would say that my interest in styling began to evolve and grow when I realized how much of an art styling is; it’s an amazing creative process that I have come to fully appreciate. I also saw endless opportunities and untapped potential in the industry and I took advantage of that.

FMM: You’re a luxury stylist. Tell us about some of your high-profile clients and how have you evolved your craft?

I have the rare opportunity to work with celebrities and prominent figures at the top of their respective fields. These people have reputations uphold, which means that appearance is very important to them. It also means that I am called to a higher standard of delivery and consistency. I have an ever-evolving brand that keeps up with current trends while maintaining its unique and signature look.


FMM: What trends are you seeing for Summer? 

For the Summer I have been recommending a refreshing-clean-look with still having some style! Lots of guys are going light with their hair as well! If you wanna have high-lights, colors, etc, Summer is the time!! 


Dani Toma Luxury Stylist on Instagram

FMM: What do you enjoy the most?

Like any artist, there’s an inexplicable amount of joy when they see their finished product. For me, it’s even better, I enjoy seeing the finished work but I also absolutely love to see the joy on the face of the client when they look in the mirror and see a completely new, fresh, and refined person. I also have a deep appreciation for the process. I’ve always been a creative person. The creative process starts in the mind and with skill, experience, and training, that vision in the mind can become reality. You are an award-winning stylist.


FMM: Tell us about your awards. What does it take to be the best in this business?

It’s a true honor to be recognized for my work. Winning multiple awards in barbering as well as in cosmetology and styling has been a humbling experience but it’s also an indication that there’s more; more to learn, more to create, and more to accomplish. I believe that first, you have to really desire to win but beyond that, you must be completely given to learning and improvement. I can’t say it’s easy but I can say that it certainly is rewarding. If you consistently put in the work and you’re willing to learn from your mistakes – relentlessly pushing through the challenges – you will succeed. You provide more than hairstyles.

FMM: You provide more than hairstyles. Tell us more.

I have a brand that is not only ever-evolving but also ever-expanding. Beyond just hairstyles, I provide beard shaping, grooming, and trimming services as well as hair tattoos alongside the traditional barbering services.

FMM: What does styling success look like to you?

I believe that customer satisfaction is extremely important but there’s more to it. Having a unique brand and style that stands out from others. At one glance, people should be able to see your work and know that only you could have done such amazing work. Building that reputation in the industry to the point where you become a household name that everyone is talking about; that’s styling success.