My Story

Dani Toma is a third generation barber whose passion for hairstyling started at a young age and has continued into his adulthood. He was born into a barbering family, and his family owned both a women’s salon and a men’s salon in Baghdad, Iraq. Seeing this barbering work from childhood piqued his curiosity, and he went on to become more interested in the career as he got older—seemingly the family passion passed on to him as he grew up. At the age of seven, Toma began what would soon become a career by sweeping the floors in a barber shop full-time in Istanbul. Although this job was no dream job, it fostered the love of barbering and cosmetology that he had grown up with. He made connections and was able to watch and learn from some of the best barbers in Istanbul.

In 2002, tides turned for the Toma family. They moved to Canada in 2002, and when they arrived, they set up a new family business, called First Impressions Hair Design. Although it was a different place, there was still a need for quality haircuts. The Toma Family became quite successful here, and this is where Dani Toma began to cut hair. He was in 9th grade at the time, and customers returned to him despite his age. Dani finished high school, but during this time he planned to take his haircutting career to the next level. His post-secondary education led him to more opportunities to advance his passion.

After high school, Toma went on to Marvel Beauty School to complete what would become a very successful education in cosmetology. He successfully gained his cosmetology license, and from there, he set up his own business.

Now, Dani Toma is an award-winning journeyman barber. He has also won awards for his cosmetology work and his signature hairstyles. He provides more than just haircuts and has been providing beard shaping and trimming and hair tattoos as well as the traditional barbering services. Dedicated to meeting his customers’ needs, he also provides after-hour services for those haircuts that just cannot wait or work themselves around a busy schedule. Toma is confident in his haircutting skills because he has been in the business for so long. Through his long career, he has met people from all over the world who trust him with their hair. So far, he hasn’t let anyone down.

His promise to future clients is that they will walk away with top-drawer hair and that they will be able to see the passion that Dani has for barbering with each visit.