Luxury Stylist Dani Toma Shares his Success in 2021

Luxury Stylist Dani Toma Shares his Success in 2021

By Jules Lavallee

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Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 6/07/2021- Dani Toma is a third generation barber whose passion for hairstyling started at a young age and has continued into his adulthood. He was born into a barbering family, and his family owned both a women’s salon and a men’s salon in Baghdad, Iraq. Seeing this barbering work from childhood piqued his curiosity, and he went on to become more interested in the career as he got older—seemingly the family passion passed on to him as he grew up. Today, Dani Toma is an award-winning stylist with a portfolio of high-profile clients including celebrities, real estate agents, and CEO’s. His impressive Instagram with 41.2k followers shows the latest trends..He has also won awards for his cosmetology work and his signature hairstyles. Dani provides more than just haircuts and has been providing beard shaping and trimming and hair tattoos as well as the traditional barbering services. Dedicated to meeting his customers’ needs, he also provides after-hour services for those haircuts that just cannot wait or work themselves around a busy schedule.

You are well-known as a Luxury Stylist in Canada. Tell us about some of your clients. 

I have all kinds of clients! From high-end individuals like CEO’s of companies, real estate agents, lawyers, multi millionaires etc. Though I do service the elite, I still cut regular/average people too.

The thing is, my clients know they can get a regular haircut anywhere but they choose to come to me because they know that imma deliver quality!!! I’m consistent af! Everyday I show up ready to murder the day!!

Tell us about your family history as stylists. 

My dad is a stylist. My mom is an Aesthetician. I grew up in the salon! I started sweeping the floors at 7 years old in Istanbul, Turkey.

What trends are you seeing for Summer? 

For the Summer I have been recommending a refreshing-clean-look with still having some style! Lots of guys are going light with their hair as well! If you wanna have high-lights, colours, etc, summer is the time!!